44 Days to Delay Obamacare


In 44 days, the 2014 fiscal year starts. If Obamacare is funded on October 1, over four years of work to save and improve the American health care system will be lost, as delaying and/or defunding of the law will consequently be almost impossible.

On October 1 the unprepared state exchanges will activate. On January 1, subsidies – paid for by adding to the national debt – start flowing. Both of these events will solidify Obamacare as near-permanent policy in America.

With this in mind, Tea Party Patriots urges you to call your Senators. They need to delay Obamacare by defunding it on or before September 30 by joining with signers of the Lee/Cruz letter. Forcing the President to choose between funding the government and his pet law is our last chance to protect American from this train wreck. .

Some Senators say this won’t work. These Senators are wrong, and part of the problem. The effort indeed won’t work if they don’t stand with us. However, if all detractors worked with Senators Lee and Cruz, delaying Obamacare can happen.

Only by standing together will Americans be able to delay the train wreck law known as Obamacare. Call the Senators below and tell them to sign on to Mike Lee’s letter today.

State Senator Phone Number
AK Murkowski, Lisa 907-271-3735
AL Sessions, Jeff 256-533-0979
AL Shelby, Richard 256-772-0460
AR Boozman, John 501-372-7153
AZ Flake, Jeff 602-840-1891
AZ McCain, John 602-952-2410
GA Chambliss, Saxby 770-763-9090
GA Isakson, Johnny 770-661-0999
IL Kirk, Mark 312-886-3506
IN Coats, Dan 317-554-0750
KS Moran, Jerry 316-631-1410
KS Roberts, Pat 785-295-2745
KY McConnell, Mitch 502-582-6304
ME Collins, Susan 207-780-3575
MO Blunt, Roy 816-471-7141
MS Cochran, Thad 601-965-4459
MS Wicker, Roger 601-965-4644
NC Burr, Richard 828-350-2437
ND Hoeven, John 701-250-4618
NE Johanns, Mike 402-758-8981
NH Ayotte, Kelly 603-622-7979
NV Heller, Dean 702-388-6605
OH Portman, Rob 216-522-7095
OK Coburn, Tom 918-581-7651
PA Toomey, Pat 412-803-3501
SC Graham, Lindsey 843-669-1505
SC Scott, Tim 843-727-4525
TN Alexander, Lamar 865-545-4253
TN Corker, Bob 423-756-2757
TX Cornyn, John 713-572-3337
UT Hatch, Orrin 801-524-4380
WI Johnson, Ron 414-276-7282
WY Barrasso, John 307-772-2451