Freedom Day 2015 at the Indiana Statehouse

Radio Host Tony Katz Addresses The Crowd Just before Tax Day in Indiana, more than 100 patriots rallied for liberty in the Hoosier State House for Freedom Day 2015. Tea Party leaders, local legislators, education activists, and even local clergy gathered to discuss strategies to promote liberty and shrink the size of government. The host…

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Tax Day Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio!

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On April 15, Americans scrambled to file their tax returns and send too much money to Washington, D.C. Just after the post offices closed, more than 300 patriots attended the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day event. It was hosted Sharonville Convention Center in northern Hamilton County, not far from the I.R.S. office which was initially…

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Liberty is on the Rise! YAL Activist Training in the Buckeye and Lone Star States

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The Young Americans for Liberty state conventions continued, which Tea Party Patriots are proud to sponsor. This time, approximately 100 students, along with a few older activists, traveled across the Buckeye state and gathered at the University of Cincinnati on April 11 to learn how liberty activists can successfully promote their message of liberty government.…

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Happy Tax Day?

In honor of Tax Day, the Washington Examiner has published a great piece with some numerical facts about the U.S. tax system. Here are just a few: 6.1 billion Nationwide, the number of hours spent filing individual and business income taxes, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service $987 billion Upper estimate on the annual accounting…

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