Why President Trump’s Wall is Needed to Curb the Opioid Epidemic

America is under siege. Our border is not secure. Illegal immigration is rampant.  At any time, a terrorist could cross our border and attack our country.  But these are not the only problems facing our country as a result of an unsecure border.  Few people realize that our porous border is fueling the deadly opioid…Read More

Debunked: Being in the country illegally is NOT a victimless crime

In a recent study, the Immigration Reform Law Institute said that from 2012 to 2016 there were 39 million Social Security thefts by illegal immigrants. The main victims of the theft: young children who will grow up and apply for student loans one day and realize their credit has been compromised with mortgages, criminal records…

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New hires at the highest level in 17 years

The economy is booming and the number of hires has officially hit the highest level in 17 years. Most surprising, 3.6 million people quit their jobs in May. The high number of quitters is an indication that Americans have recognized the booming economy and feel confident in making a job move. The Washington Examiner has…

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President Trump should Stick to “the List”

Back during the tumultuous 2016 primaries, many conservatives were divided over who they thought should get the nomination. Once Donald Trump had secured the delegates and become the nominee, there was still some division among the conservative base. However, many Republicans and conservatives voted for Donald Trump in November of that year for one reason:…

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Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Congress has disappointed the American people’

In the last 17 months in office, President Trump has accomplished a lot and has kept his campaign promises. Congress, on the other hand, has continued to disappoint the American people, failing to repeal Obamacare and passing a massive $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill. How do we stop the disappointments? The Daily Signal has Rep.…

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Another big win for American workers and businesses

This week, President Trump secured another big win for American workers and businesses by striking a deal to resolve a three-year Open Skies disagreement over the UAE’s unfair subsidization of its two major airlines. The Washington Examiner has the details:    The U.S. has signed “Open Skies” civil aviation agreements with about 125 countries, including…

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