88 Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Pro-Growth Tax Reform

Tea Party Patriots, along with 87 other organizations, signed the following coalition letter in support of tax reform.   [blockquote size="full" align="left" byline=""] Dear Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Secretary Mnuchin, Director Cohn, Chairman Hatch, and Chairman Brady: On behalf of the undersigned organizations, we write to urge passage of comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform in 2017. In…Read More

Oil States Energy Services LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC

Issue Whether inter partes review, an adversarial process used by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) to analyze the validity of existing patents, violates the Constitution by extinguishing private property rights through a non-Article III forum without a jury. Facts of the case During hydraulic fracturing (known as “fracking”) procedures, fluid is pumped into oil…Read More

Warrantless Location Tracking Imperils Right to Free Association

Tea Party Patriots and four other organizations from across the ideological spectrum filed a brief Monday in support of the plaintiff in Carpenter v. United States, a case challenging warrantless collection of cell phone location data. While the basis of the challenge is the Fourth Amendment, the brief informs the Supreme Court that First Amendment associational rights are…Read More

Seven GOP Senators Break Biggest Promise in Modern Politics

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, reacting to Senate Republicans’ failure to pass a partial repeal of ObamaCare the Senate passed in 2015. “Today, seven Republican Senators betrayed their constituents and the American people by breaking what is arguably the biggest political promise in…

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TPP requests intel committees investigate illegal leaks

March 23, 2017 Chairman Burr, Vice Chairman Warner, Rep. Conaway and Ranking Member Schiff: I write as president of an organization with over 2 million supporters nationwide, an organization that has directly felt the heavy hand of persecution by the very government we support with our taxes. With respect, our question to you with regard…

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