Text Voters to Save America

A Georgia senate seat is up for grabs – again – in a runoff and now instead of fighting for control of the Senate, we must fight to preserve the filibuster if we are to have any chance at stopping Biden’s radical agenda from continuing to move forward.

Election Day is December 6th, but early voting will start sometime soon, so there is no time to waste! You do not need to live in Georgia to help! This means you can live anywhere and help from home. Last time there was a Senate runoff in Georgia, it didn’t go our way, and Biden was able to do whatever he wanted. We must do everything we can to win this seat so that we can preserve the filibuster.

Anything can happen in two years. If a sitting Senator leaves office for whatever reason, we will be better off if the Senate is 50-50 rather than 51-49. If a Democrat left office in a state with a Republican governor, that governor could potentially appoint a Republican serve out the term and Republicans would take control of the chamber.

The national media will now say this race doesn’t matter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you want to help immediately, please take a few minutes to text Georgia voters and ask them to vote. That’s it! All you have to do to begin, is go to tpp.me/textvoters and register. You will be asked for your cell phone number, your name, and your email address. Then just click on the button that says “Start Texting!”

If you would like to help at the polls, please fill out this form to let us know if and how you can help. The Democrats are already fundraising and recruiting volunteers from across the nation.