Taking Action to Fight the Deep State

In last Tuesday’s elections, President Trump helped Republicans do something that is done very rarely in American politics – he helped his party actually GAIN SEATS in the Senate elections.

As of right now, Senate Republicans have a net two-seat pickup. We defeated three Democrat incumbents running for reelection – Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and Joe Donnelly in Indiana. But we lost one Republican, Dean Heller in Nevada.

So that’s a net two-seat gain.

And we have sizable leads in two races that have yet to be called – Rick Scott is leading Bill Nelson by 30,264 votes in Florida, with 100 percent of the vote in, and Martha McSally is leading Kyrsten Sinema by 17,073 votes in Arizona, with seven precincts left to report.

Winning Florida would be a pick-up; winning Arizona would be a HOLD.

So we could well end up with a THREE-SEAT gain in the Senate.

Richard Nixon picked up two Senate seats in 1970. Ronald Reagan picked up one Senate seat in 1982. George W. Bush netted one Senate seat in 2002. But NO Republican president of the last century gained THREE Senate seats in his first midterm election.

That means the balance of power in the Senate will shift to 54 Republicans, with 44 Democrats and two Independent Senators who caucus with the Democrats.

And that means we have a more comfortable margin for action on judicial nominations and some legislation. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski become less of a problem, because we can afford to lose their votes and still have more than 50.

Now let’s look at the House.

As of the latest count, it looks like the 116th Congress will have 229 Democrats and 206 Republicans. That would be a net 34-seat loss for House Republicans. The good news for conservatives is that the vast majority of Republicans who won’t be coming back to the House in January are NOT conservatives. Those who are gone are more LIBERAL Republicans.

Many of them retired, and many of them were defeated for reelection.

Off the top of my head, the only solid conservatives I can think of who lost their reelection campaigns were Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th congressional district and Rod Blum in Iowa’s 1st district. They were both great Members of Congress, and we’ll miss them sorely.

Republicans lost the House Tuesday night for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was a failure of leadership. I’m going to talk briefly about two examples of that failure of leadership – the choice not to nationalize the elections, and the failure to fight the Deep State.

First, Nancy Pelosi outsmarted the House Republican leadership. She knew Democrats would not do well if the elections were nationalized, so she advised Democratic candidates to run what Politico called “hyper-local” campaigns, on local issues.

Oddly, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy gave virtually EXACTLY THE SAME advice to their House Republican colleagues.

Now, if Nancy Pelosi is advising Democrat candidates to run hyper-local campaigns, isn’t that a good sign that Republicans SHOULD BE running a NATIONALIZED campaign?

Jim Jordan got it, and he did his best to nationalize the election for House Republicans.

Second, the failure to fight the Deep State. Rather than join President Trump in working to drain the swamp, too many House Republicans simply failed to see the threat posed by willing agents of the opposition, buried deep in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy.

Some call this group “the Permanent Government.” Others call it “the Deep State.” Whatever you call it, it exists, and it is actively working to undermine the president’s ability to enact his agenda – the agenda that won him the presidency.

This active opposition strikes at the core idea of our republic. It is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, in that it refuses to acknowledge that in our system of government, policy choices are supposed to be made by WINNERS. The words of our Declaration of Independence say, “That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” That is, government is supposed to work for the governed, and is supposed to be directed by the governed. And the way we do that is with regular elections, where we the people are given the opportunity to express our policy desires by choosing candidates.

But when the Permanent Government or the Deep State says, “Heck, we don’t care WHAT the voters want, WE KNOW BETTER,” and then works to BLOCK the policy agenda the citizenry voted for, we have trouble.

It is the duty of the House of Representatives to oversee the Permanent Government. The failure of the House GOP so-called “leadership” to do this is intolerable.

We want a fighter to lead the House Republicans. We want someone who knows what the Deep State is up to, and who knows how to defeat the deep state’s efforts to block the president’s agenda.

That fighter, of course, is Jim Jordan, which is why we have been backing him to lead House Republicans.

Last Wednesday, I joined a press conference to discuss our concerns with the media. Those speaking at the press conference included Richard Vigiurie with FedUp PAC, Ken Cuccinelli with Senate Conservatives Action, David McIntosh with Club for Growth, Brent Bozell with Media Research Center, David Bozell with ForAmerica, Noah Wall with FreedomWorks, and myself. And a comment was made that I think sums it up very nicely – as the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So why would House Republicans choose virtually the same leadership team that got them into this mess? That would, by definition, be an insane act.

We want new leadership that prepares to take back the House in 2020. We want CONSERVATIVE leadership that prepares to take back the House in 2020.

And we need YOU to HELP.