McCarthy = Boehner 2.0


Call your Member of Congress today and tell him or her not to vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. Here’s why.

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Today on Capitol Hill, lobbyists from K Street are doing everything they can to shore up the votes for California Congressman Kevin McCarthy so that their favor on the Hill doesn’t diminish as Boehner prepares to exit stage left.

McCarthy, who appeared on Hannity on Fox News Tuesday night, did everything he could to try to convince the American people that his leadership will be different than Boehner’s. However, as Hannity continued to push him on whether or not he would use Congress’ Constitutional authority – the power of the purse – to stop President Obama’s failed agenda, he repeatedly pledged to do so with one caveat. If there is a “winning” strategy.

McCarthy just had his “McConnell: there will be no shutdowns under my leadership” moment. By broadcasting that he will only fight when he thinks he can win, he’s openly admitting that he doesn’t have what it takes to win every fight. In other words, he will continue Boehner’s failed legacy.

Just think about it for a moment. When two football teams play each other, do you think that one side goes into the game thinking they aren’t going to win? Well, it does happen from time to time and usually that is the team that loses. In any form of negotiation or competition, one must always go into it thinking they are going to win. If they have no faith in themselves – and broadcast it so openly – as the Republican leaders have done so often, how can you expect their opponents not to take advantage of that?

It’s time for new, bold leadership in Washington. It’s an uphill battle in a system that is rigged to benefit the powerful. But there is a window of opportunity here. There’s a band of conservatives in the House that has the ability to completely block McCarthy from getting the Speakership. THEY MUST STAND FIRM. They must not let the victory of Boehner’s departure be squandered. They must show the current powers that be that they are willing to block McCarthy on the House floor when leadership positions come up for a vote. Then they must fight for a true conservative to become the next Speaker.

Politics is often a game of chicken. Current Republican leadership have proven time and time again to be terrible at playing this game. Just look at the score that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have racked up over the last 7 years. It’s time for conservatives in the House to prove that they can play that game and they can win. If they are willing to stare down leadership and not budge, leadership will change.

And let’s not forget that John Boehner said that Kevin McCarthy “would be an excellent Speaker.” Let’s not settle for Boehner’s handpicked successor.

Tell him or her NOT to vote for McCarthy. It’s time for a new brand of leadership in the Republican Party.