Thank you to all of you who have said you will show up for America over the course of the next few weeks! You will find this week’s detailed schedule of activities below. We’ve had such an amazing response in just 24 hours, but we need to make sure that we take every opportunity we can to fight for freedom and justice. It is imperative that we do not underestimate the left’s hatred and anger toward President Trump and anyone who supports his agenda.1 Check out this passage from a Washington Post article published yesterday about the Democrats’ hope that what we are seeing is the birth of a liberal tea party movement.

What if they can fuse these protesters, many of whom have never been politically active, into the liberal firmament? What if a new tea party is arising, with the energy and enthusiasm to bring out new voters and make a real difference at the polls, starting with the 2018 midterm elections?

With a 10-day recess beginning next weekend, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has instructed her members to hold a “day of action” in their districts, including town halls focused on saving the Affordable Care Act. The following weekend, Democratic senators and House members will hold protests across the country, hoping to link arms with local activists who have already marched against Trump.

The media has been looking for the progressive version of the Tea Party movement since the moment we made history in the midterm elections of 2010. They have studied what we did and why it worked. The most basic reason we succeeded was because we showed up. We showed up at local Congressional town halls. We showed up on street corners with signs. We showed up in our Representatives’ inboxes, and unfortunately, thus far, it is the left that has shown up. It’s time to remind them who we are. Please sign up for at least one action per week – and try to sign up for more than one!

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This week’s schedule is immediately below, and below that are some key dates that need to be added to our calendars. The first two issues we must confront are the nomination of Judge Gorsuch and the repeal of Obamacare. For all of the actions we have listed, we will provide you with the tools and resources you need to get the job done quickly.

Detailed Schedule for the week of February 12th

Sunday, February 12 – Set Your Schedule Sunday

Read the weekly action items and upcoming events below, make your action plan for the week, and schedule your plan in your calendar.

Monday, February 13 – Messaging Monday

Write your paragraph of support for Gorsuch, and your reasons why you want Obamacare repealed, and email to the entities on the target list. Resources provided: updated talking points and target list.

Tuesday, February 14 – Tweet it Tuesday

Post on Twitter and Facebook – remember it’s Valentine’s Day, so make it fun! Resources provided: sample tweets, Facebook posts, and images.

Wednesday, February 15 – Melt the Wires Wednesday

Make calls, and copy and paste the action on your social media accounts so others can call as well. Resources provided: updated list of targeted elected officials and contact information.

Thursday, February 16 – Take it to the Streets Thursday

Go sign wave at a busy intersection for one hour today, prep for next week’s first Take it to the Street Thursday, host or attend a sign waving event, host a house party, visit a local congressional office, etc. Resource provided: house party toolkit and blank signs for house parties.

Friday, February 17 – Freelance Friday

Write a letter to the editor or a letter to your Senators. Resource provided: sample letters and talking points.

These actions will repeat every week, but we will always send you updated information that is specific for each week.

Key Dates to Add to Your Calendar

Local office visit on Thursday, February 23

Remember the townhalls of 2009, when we fought tooth and nail against Obamacare? Now the tables have turned and progressives are the ones showing up at townhalls2 and at local district offices3, and the mainstream media is all too eager to magnify and celebrate dissent when carried out by left wing activists. This means progressives are the ones getting their message out4. Our mantra back then was, “when we show up, we win.” It is now time for us to show up again.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives are scheduled to be home the week of February 20th, and not in DC. We need to show up and show our elected officials that the majority of their constituents do not agree with the left wing protesters. We are looking for people to either host an event outside their Senator’s local office at noon local time or to hand deliver a personal letter to their Senator on Thursday, February 23. We will help you to organize your event, write your letters, and assist you with messaging.

If you cannot host an event there are other ways you can show up and be heard; you can hand deliver a letter to the local office, or you can attend a rally if there is one located in your area.

Host a rally/demonstration at your state capitol on Monday, February 27

On Monday, February 27th, Tea Party Patriots and the modern tea party movement turns 8 years old! Do you realize how much impact we’ve had? It’s actually quite amazing, the work we have done, and what we have accomplished. The time is now to step up and defend the gains we have made, and push for more reforms. The only way to keep winning is to stay involved and active – to show up!. We are looking for people to host a rally at their State Capitol in support of President Trump’s Contract with the American Voter on Monday, February 27th! If you would prefer to attend a rally rather than host one, let us know so we can help you find a local event to attend!

Host a House Party the evening of Monday, February 27

Want to support Judge Gorsuch? We make it super easy for you to share your support and knowledge with friends and family in an amicable, comfortable way with the tools and resources you will need to get it done. After Obama won the 2012 election, analysis showed that face-to-face education and discussion between people who knew each other played a very big role in his victory. Your story and your opinion is important to many of the people in your life, and you’ll never how many people you can persuade if you don’t try! If this date doesn’t work for you, you can choose a different date that better suits your availability.

Host an event on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This year, tax day is on April 18th. We are looking for people to host an event locally on that day. Details and support for hosting the events will be available in a few weeks.

In the sign up form, for each action that you would like to participate in, please check the box next to that action!

Thank you! Thank you for your continued strength and love for our country. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, and we won’t get to where we want to go next if you aren’t involved. Remember, when we show up, we winSo let’s show up!! Are you with me?!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots

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