Show up at your Senator’s Office Today! They are Home this Week!

Both the Senate and House of Representatives are home this week! We need to show up and tell our elected officials that the majority of their constituents do not agree with the left wing protesters who are trying to destroy President Trump. Today is the day to visit your Senator’s local district office to show your support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. If you have planned an event outside of the office, make sure you add it to our website! You can also look here for events that others have planned. Finally, if there are no events (like sign waving) happening outside the office, please take today to stop in to deliver a letter to your Senator. We have a sample letter that you can use!

Why is this so important? Remember the townhalls of 2009, when we fought tooth and nail against Obamacare? Now the tables have turned and progressives are the ones showing up at townhalls1 and at local district offices2, and the mainstream media is all too eager to magnify and celebrate dissent when carried out by left wing activists. This means progressives are the ones getting their message out3, and in front of our elected officials. Our mantra back then was, “when we show up, we win.” It is now time for us to show up again in support of President Trump and Judge Gorsuch!

Progressive activists, Democrats, and their friends in the media are trying their best to delegitimize not only the election of President Trump, but also his right to pick a replacement for Antonin Scalia. They are already pushing the Senate to reject Judge Gorsuch – and any other nominee President Trump would offer – because they believe that the it was Obama’s seat to fill, and on top of that, they believe that President Trump stole the election and therefore does not get to fill it.

We know all of that is RIDICULOUS. So let’s show up and make sure all of our Senators understand that America supports President Trump and Neil Gorsuch.

I’m showing up,

Jenny Beth

P.S. Members of Congress could learn the art of listening from President Trump.

Key Dates to Add to Your Calendar

Host a Rally/Demonstration at Your State Capitol on Monday, February 27

On Monday, February 27th, Tea Party Patriots and the modern tea party movement turns 8 years old! Do you realize how much impact we’ve had? It’s actually quite amazing, the work we have done, and what we have accomplished. The time is now to step up and defend the gains we have made, and push for more reforms. The only way to keep winning is to stay involved and active — to show up!. We are looking for people to host a rally at their State Capitol in support of President Trump’s Contract with the American Voter on Monday, February 27th! If you would prefer to attend a rally rather than host one, let us know so we can help you find a local event to attend!

Host a House Party the evening of Monday, February 27

Want to support Judge Gorsuch? We make it super easy for you to share your support and knowledge with friends and family in an amicable, comfortable way with the tools and resources you will need to get it done. After Obama won the 2012 election, analysis showed that face-to-face education and discussion between people who knew each other played a very big role in his victory. Your story and your opinion is important to many of the people in your life, and you’ll never how many people you can persuade if you don’t try! If this date doesn’t work for you, you can choose a different date that better suits your availability.

Grassroots Lobbying Day on Capitol Hill, March 15

On March 15th, we will partner with FreedomWorks to host a grassroots lobbying day on Capitol Hill. Office visits are one of the most effective ways to make our voices heard in Washington, D.C. and to hold our elected officials accountable. The primary focus of our lobbying day will be on repealing ObamaCare and confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, although we may add other topics as the date approaches. The committee hearing for Judge Gorsuch is set for March 20, which increases the importance of us being in DC together making our voices heard on March 15.  Mark the date on your calendar!

Host an event on Tuesday, April 18

This year, tax day is on April 18th. We are looking for people to host an event locally on that day. Details and support for hosting the events will be available in a few weeks.