Welcome to the new Tea Party Patriots website!

We’re proud to reveal the improvements our team has developed over months of hard work, based on feedback from our members, careful analysis of the last year’s activities and our plans for the future.

A New Look

We received a good bit of feedback on our website over the past year, both positive and negative. We listened and took notes. We studied how new visitors were using the site. We saw that many of our members were starting to use smartphone and tablets.

And because things change on the web on a constant basis, we took all this and redesigned our website to focus on  cleaner menu structures and identifying what people can do to make a difference. We used a new, modern look and feel to accomplish this, and we put a lot of effort in making sure it works well on a lot of different browsers and devices.

Clear text and strong images make it easy for our members to find the information and resources they depend on us for and for new visitors to discover what we stand for – and how they can get involved. Local Groups are easier to find and have a more professional layout that better promotes the hard work of the coordinators and group members that form the backbone of Tea Party Patriots.

The new layout is easier to read, easier to navigate, and looks great on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets – and it loads faster, too.

New Structure

A new layout means more than changing colors and fonts. We streamlined the menu structure and reorganized the content on all of our pages so our visitors spend less time clicking and searching.

Take the Home page, for example: more than a news feed, we’ve completely redesigned it to serve as a springboard to our Vision pages, to Local Groups, and to the ways new visitors can become involved in changing our country for the better.

As a rapidly-growing organization we see a lot of new visitors reading the Our Vision pages to understand what the Tea Party Patriots stands for, so we’ve made these pages clearer, better structured and easier to navigate.

We’ve given the same attention to the News and Groups pages to help our members keep up to date with the information that matters to them and with the activities of fellow citizens in their community.

We’re a grassroots organization and we believe that meaningful change happens at a local level, so our focus is on empowering our members as much as we can. The Resources page is completely overhauled, for just that purpose. We’ve consolidated our training videos, toolkits and our Find My Legislators tool onto a clear, easy-to-navigate page that will allow us to add more valuable information and functions as our organization grows.

Brand new is the Get Involved page, an entirely new innovation on the Tea Party Patriots website that is specific for each person, guiding new visitors in their first steps toward grassroots activism and helping our experienced veterans discover new ways to make a difference in their community.

Under the Hood

We believe that real change is more than skin deep. So far we’ve talked about the changes on our website that you can see, but even more work has gone into the underlying technology to better serve our members’ needs and prepare for future challenges.

ipad_officeWe’re committed to our members, to the Local Coordinators who organize groups in their communities, and to new visitors who are just discovering what the Tea Party Patriots stand for.

With a new e-mail system, a sophisticated server architecture and a modern, robust web framework, Tea Party Patriots will continue to be a strong, growing organization and we can continue to use technology to effect the most amount of change in our current government.