Susan K. Southwick
Local Coordinator, Utah Tea Party
Salt Lake City, UT




Stephanie Terry
Local Coordinator, Davis County 9/12 Project
Kaysville, UT

Stephanie Terry is a dedicated wife and mother to four children.  Concerned for her children’s future, she attended her first Tea Party rally on July 4th, 2009 and joined the Davis County 9/12 Project shortly thereafter.

The Davis County 9/12 Project is the largest active tea party group in the state of Utah.  They work with citizens and legislators to promote fiscal responsibility, limited, constitutionally based government, and free market solutions to promote economic prosperity.  Stephanie is passionate about educating friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens about the importance of protecting these core values.

Stephanie has been serving as the Public Relations Coordinator of the Davis County 9/12 Project since March of 2010.