Tennessee Speakers Bureau

Mark Herr
State Coordinator – Tennessee
Local Coordinator, Mid-South Tea Party
Memphis, TN

Mark Herr became involved in the Tea Party movement out of a growing concern for the future of our great nation. “I am concerned Our Federal Government is leading Our country in a direction counter-intuitive to the principles of Liberty & Freedom envisioned by the Declaration of Independence and established by We the People in the United States Constitution by regulating, legislating, and adjudicating unlimited, fiscally irresponsible government that is surreptitiously eroding individual liberties while purposefully governing without Our consent.”

“I joined this Historic Movement in late February 2009 in the backroom meeting space at a Perkin’s Restaurant in Memphis. I was surrounded by great Patriots like you. “I am nothing and no one in this Republic . . . but I am part of ‘We the People’ and, without reservation or regret, I am proud to be part of the 21st century Tea Party!”

Shortly after the April 15, 2009 ‘Tax Day Tea Parties’ he joined the Tea Party Patriots seeking out like-minded citizens with which to coordinate the “preservation of Our Constitutional Republic’ at the National, State and Local Level.   His journey since has been nothing short of “amazing, exhilerating and exhausting!”  He traveled to Washington D.C. numerous times attempting to ‘amplify the will & voice of the People’.  He organizes statewide summits of  Tea Parties & Liberty Groups to affect leverage over underachieving and seemingly unwilling and powerless state government. He is still striving to build local infrastructure to give concerned citizens a place to work together regardless of National, State, or Local passions.

Currently, he is working to build relationships with Tea Parties & Liberty Groups throughout Tennessee and help them build relationships with legislators to enable & enact a Tea Party Legislative Agenda…he is working to get the Health Care Compact (and soon the Education, Energy, and Banking Compacts) passed in TN…he is also working to abolish so-called ‘Sustainable Development’ (you need to research this!) in his county…and he is an amateur radio host of The Midsouth Tea Party Radio Show.  He does all of this because he believes the Tea Party is the last barrier to overreaching Federal Government, the therapist for under-reaching State Government, and the educator of the General Public who must ultimately “restore Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People.”  He hopes some day to golf again…as much as the President does.