Save Wisconsin

Have you had enough?  Enough destroying of government buildings; enough garbage dumped on our beautiful grounds, enough destruction of valuable buildings and property, enough legislators avoiding their responsibilities and fleeing the state, and finally, enough recalling of good officials doing their duty and keeping their election promises to the majority who elected them. Talk about the 1%!  This is a cynical effort by a privileged public sector to undo an election, our election, and at our expense!

Let’s stop the craziness now!

Wisconsin needs its officials working to solve our problems, not just fighting to keep their jobs.

Washington Special Interests don’t care about you, don’t care about us, and in fact, don’t really care about our country. We cannot let them manipulate our elections and dictate to us how we govern our state.

This is not about any one elected official, it’s about our representative democracy. Will our elected officials represent us, or the special interests?  If we don’t vote and get our friends and family to vote, our elected officials will stop representing us and bow to the special interests.

This cycle of chaos has to stop. Please help stop the Recalls! Click here to find your polling place and Plan now to vote June 5th.

Join the effort to get out the vote, stop the Recalls, end the cycle of chaos, save Wisconsin and save the Country!