Wisconsin Volunteer Phone Bank

Thank you for volunteering to make calls to Wisconsin voters on behalf of the Tea Party Patriots.  Below you will find some easy instructions on how to use the phone system.

Instructions for use:

  1. Call the dial in number provided
  2. Enter the pin provided when promoted
  3. Press the star key * to begin dialing
  4. You will hear music similar to 1980s Miami Vice music in between calls
  5. When the music stops it means a call has connected so begin reading off script
    1. It is not uncommon to not hear the “Hello” when the person on the other line picks up so when the music stops assume a person has picked up
  6. Read off questions from script and take note of the persons answers
  7. Press the star key * to end the call after you have finished reading off the questions
  8. A robot voice will begin reading through the questions prompting you to enter in the responses of the person just talked to
    1. It is ESSENTIAL to press the star key * in between each response or else the system won’t log the key stroke
  9. Once all responses have been registered press the star key * to begin another call
  10. Repeat steps above as long as you are making calls
  11. Once you are done making calls or want to take a break, simply hang up your phone until you are ready to dial back in


  • The phone system is a predictive dialer and does not require you to dial individual numbers or to hang up in between calls.
  • You will occasionally be connected to a fax or answering machine, when you do simply hit the star key * and follow steps 8-10 above
  • If you do get connected to a fax machine there will occasionally be feedback, hanging up and dialing back in usually fixes the problem


Paid for by Tea Party Patriots, Inc., Debbie Dooley (Treasurer) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s agent or committee.