Pennsylvania Speakers Bureau

John M. Morningstar
Local Coordinator, Bradford County Tea Party
Wysox, PA

John Morningstar is the coordinator of the Bradford County Tea Party in Wysox, PA. He and Valerie, his wife of 30 years, have two daughters, both of whom are teachers

“I got involved with Tea Party Patriots because this out-of-control federal government is hurting my daughters. Layoffs, postponed weddings – they deserve better.”


Lisa V. Nancollas
Local Coordinator, Mifflin County Tea Party
Lewistown, PA

Lisa Nancollas lives in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. She is the coordinator for Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots. Lisa is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University. Working as nurse and reviewing medical records, she uncovered healthcare fraud that was linked to a political figure. Her experiences lead her to become involved with the tea party movement.


Don Reimer
Local Coordinator, Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots
Philadelphia, PA




John Stahl
Local Coordinator, Berks Tea Party
Reading, PA