Judy Pepenella
Local Coordinator, Conservative Society For Action
Patchogue, NY

Judy Pepenella is an Executive Board member of the Conservative Society for Action and has been with the group since it’s inception in October of 2008.  She became the New York State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots in May of 2009.

Judy is the Tea Party Patriot liaison between the local groups within the state on local and national issues and maintains daily communication with fellow organizers around the state and country.

Judy has organized and attended hundreds of rallies, events and public hearings. She is a frequent speaker before the Town Board and County legislature and has spoken at many events and meetings as a voice of the tea party movement.  Judy has also organized numerous lobbying trips to Washington and Albany.

Judy’s involvement in the community includes numerous volunteer rolls including that of a Girl Scout leader, volunteer for the Jacobs Light Foundation, supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and a member of the Patriot Guard Riders.  Judy is the recipient the 2011 Woman of Distinction award in New York State and of Outstanding Leader award in Girl Scouts for two consecutive years.

Judy is a single mom who is raising two teenaged children in Patchogue, NY.  She is an advertising account representative for a small advertising and marketing firm on Long Island.


Jul & Rus Thompson
Local Coordinators, TEA New York
Grand Island, NY




Bruce Weinfeld
Local Coordinator, PE2012
New City, NY

“I got involved in the Tea Party by being thrown off the boat. Although I shared many of the views of those in the movement, I was afraid to jump in the water. Finally, I was pushed, not only by this President’s abuse of constitutional powers, but by local authorities who tried to stop my constitutional right to speak.”

Bruce is “now out of the closet and a proud member of this wonderful party.” He is also a proud small business owner, a proud Jewish American, and a proud Tea Party Patriot. He lives in New City, New York.