Monetary Policy

Summary of the Problem

Tea Party Patriots know that there are only three ways that the government can get its hands on our money to continue its profligate and wasteful spending.  These are taxes, borrowing, and printing.  We have fought them, at least for now, to a standstill on taxing.  To stop their borrowing and to “Stop the Presses!” — which we so far are losing — we must restore constitutional money.  Only then will we even begin to balance the budget.  America is not creating jobs like it used to under the gold standard.  Even under a plain old stable dollar, which is just not as good as gold, America created 17 million jobs during Reagan’s presidency and, building on Reagan’s recipe, 23 million jobs during Clinton’s presidency.  Prosperity can be regained fast. But we created only 3 million under the George W. Bush presidency and unemployment is stuck at ghastly high rates under President Obama.  Nothing the politicians have tried, from bailouts to “quantitative easings,” works.  The private sector is stagnant while the federal government continues to grow out of control.  Adding insult to injury the citizens have been cut off from control by the political elites.

Key Points

  • The Founders, in the Constitution, made precious metals – gold and silver – America’s money.
  • Economies grow faster, for longer periods, creates more jobs, has shorter recessions, and fewer panics and crises under the gold standard.
  • A money supply that is convertible to gold puts the people in control of the monetary policy and therefore helps the citizenry control government spending.
  • A strong and stable dollar – a sound monetary policy – is one of the legs necessary to hold up a peaceful, prosperous, free, and stable society.
  • By completely severing the tie to gold, politicians have free reign to finance a government that gets bigger and bigger, and evermore unconstitutional in its endeavors.
  • All elected officials and those running for office, especially those running for President, need to hear from their constituents and all Americans about the importance of returning to a constitutional and sound monetary policy.


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