Here you will find current and past Legislative Updates. These are discussed weekly on the National Leadership Conference calls that a lot of you participate in. Thanks to the many leaders and patriots that bring these matters to our attention! Feel free to print these and use them to inform your local groups, meetings and events.


Legislative Update 9/17/2012 – Continuing Resolution, No More Solyndras Act

Legislative Update 7/9/2012 – Supreme Court rules it ObamaTAX!, Avoid Sequester?, Fiscal Cliff

Legislative Update 6/11/2012 – WIN in WISCONSIN!, CBO fudges debt, Blame Right for Economy, Debt Triples, Transportation Spending

Legislative Update 6/4/2012 – WISCONSIN!, Inhofe Resolution, Budget Details, War on Coal, LOST

Legislative Update 4/23/2012 – WISCONSIN!, Tax Freedom Day, Taxmageddon, Pig Book, Immigration Rally Supreme Court

Legislative Update 4/9/2012 – WISCONSIN!, Buffet rule

Legislative Update 3/19/2012 – Road to Repeal, Obamacare, taxes & economy, Interest Rates, Oil Scarcity Myth, Executive Order-National Defense Resources Preparedness

Legislative Update 3/12/2012 – Rand Paul Tele-Town Hall on property rights, Road to Repeal, Obamacare, taxes & economy, Energy & Green madness, Tom DeWeese Agenda 21 Action Kit

Legislative Update 3/05/2012 – Road to Repeal, GAO report on waste, RSC on Obama budget, Obamacare, taxes & economy, Constitutional Issues: IRS vs NPO, Education study

Legislative Update 2/27/2012 – Road-to-Repeal Rally, Budget, Buying Votes from Dems, Federal Employees CBO Report, Labor Force Stats. GOP budget reform bills

Legislative Update 2/19/2012 – payroll tax, highway bill, President’s Budget, regulation/jobs/economy, Obamacare, property rights, immigration, constitutional issues

Legislative Update 2/13/2012 – Class act, budget, constitutional issues, jobs & growth, sustainable development, immigration

Legislative Update 1/13/2012 – CBO report, regulatory report card, education, Agenda 21

Legislative Update 12/5/2011 – line item veto, regulatory overkill, REINS act, Agenda 21

Legislative Update 11/28/2011 – credit rating cut, climategate, charter schools, Agenda 21, Richmond mayor vs tea party

Legislative Update 11/21/2011 – super committee, sequestration, SOPA

Legislative Update 11/14/2011 – regulation & EPA, Agenda 21, Continuing Resolution

Legislative Update 11/7/2011 – Deal in the District, Net neutrality, jobs acts

Legislative Update 10/31/2011 – budget fails, GOP jobs bill, crony capitalism, occupy wall street, Wisconsin & Idaho vs Agenda 21

Legislative Update 10/24/2011 – jobs bills, balanced budget amendments

Legislative Update 10/17/2011 – OWS, florida vs Agenda 21, senate stimulus plan

Legislative Update 10/10/2011 – heritage Foundation on Obamacare vs jobs, EPA regulatory relief

Legislative Update 10/3/2011 – Heartland.org on education, senate appropriations, CR