Jim BrattenJames Bratten
State Coordinator – Indiana

Jim Bratten has been a resident of Evansville for eight years, by way of Pittsburgh, Detroit, Annapolis, Virginia Beach, Key West, Memphis and Minneapolis, retiring from Chrysler, LLC in November, 2008. He holds a BA from the University of Minnesota in Studio Art. His son, Christopher, and his beloved wife, Cheryl, are the two reasons he fears for the future of his country.

Jim is a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, having served in the United States Navy with Fighter Squadron VF-101.

A member of The Heritage Foundation since 1980 and dozens of other conservative organizations since, Jim’s retirement from the auto industry after 34 years has given him the time to become more active, helping to organize several Tea Parties around southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, since April, 2009. He is the founder of another, Vanderburgh County Tea Party Patriots, which just launched August 4, 2011. He speaks frequently at a variety of events.

Taking an active part in the National Taxpayer March on Washington, DC on September 12, 2009, Jim was invited to participate on a “grassroots” panel at the Americans for Prosperity “Third Annual Restoring the American Dream Summit” in October, 2009. He was honored by AFP at the “Fourth Annual” event in Washington, DC in August, 2010 with the award for “National Grassroots Activist of the Year, 2010”.

Jim has served on the National Leadership Council of Tea Party Patriots as a Local Coordinator since June of 2009 and was appointed Indiana State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots in October of that same year, and spoke at the Tea Party Patriots rally in St. Louis, MO on September 12, 2010.

He accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Hoosier Patriots, Inc. in January of 2010 and writes weekly commentary as Editorial Director for the Hoosier Patriots Monday Morning Newswire.

As a 31-year member of The Heritage Foundation, and due to his involvement in the grassroots Tea Party movement, he was awarded, along with other Tea Party activists, the “2010 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship” by The Heritage Foundation in June, 2010.

Jim considers himself a Patriot and supports the Founding Fathers’ plan and vision for this country, originating in the Declaration of Independence and administered by the United States Constitution.


Emery W. McClendon
Local Coordinator, Fort Wayne 912
Fort Wayne, IN

Emery W. McClendon was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he lives today.  He served in the Indiana Air National Guard and the Air Force at Clark Air Base in the Philippines and Lakenheath Air Base in England.

He organized the Fort Wayne Tea Party and quickly became a motivational speaker at the tea party rallies and events. “I see this as a way for me to show citizens how important it is to save our Constitution and republic,” he says.

Emery was recognized by Americans for Prosperity/RightOnline as its 2010 Activist of the Year. That same year, the Heritage Foundation awarded him the Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship.

His other awards include the Amateur Radio Special Achievement Award from the Dayton Hamvention; the Madison County, Indiana “American” Award; and the Distinguished Hoosier Award from the State Of Indiana.