Georgia Speaker’s Bureau

The following individuals are available to travel within the state to champion the core values of Tea Party Patriots in speeches and media appearances.

Diane Cox
Local Coordinator, Valdosta Tea Party

Diane Cox lives with her husband Nolen in Valdosta, GA. They organized the first Tax Day Tea Party in Valdosta on April 15, 2009. Diane produced an 8-page, monthly newsletter, distributed statewide, on pro-family issues when Nolen was the GA State Director for the American Family Association.

She has been an avid Ayn Rand fan since reading Atlas Shrugged in college in the 1960s. Her passion is to restore our constitutional republic to the Founder’s blueprint. “Ridding America of the United Nations and exposing the UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development scheme are the focus of my presentations to civic and tea party groups across South Georgia.”

Bob Eaton
Local Coordinator, South Atlanta Tea Party
Moreland , GA



Linda Fowler
Local Coordinator, Murray Tea Party Patriots



Bob Frey
Local Coordinator, Cumming Tea Party Patriots



Ed Painter
Local Coordinator, Murray Tea Party Patriots



Rob Waterson
Local Coordinator, Feet to the Fire Patriots

Software engineer Rob Waterson says he “felt like a ‘Tea Partier’” long before the movement came along. He attended the second meeting of his local county group in the summer of 2010.

Possessing a technical skill set, he stepped up to volunteer his services. The group jumped at the chance and immediately put him in charge of the web site, Facebook account, and email blasts. “Now I try to focus on leveraging technology to make a difference in our movement. Check out