Another word for “liberty” is “choice.”  So why, in this nation built on liberty, do many politicians, unions, special interests – and plain old institutional inertia – band together to remove liberty and choice from the all-important job of educating our children?

The excuses are many and none of them matter.  All that matters is what’s best for America’s children.  Handing ever more money and parental power to unaccountable educrats and union thugs does not teach a child who’s hungry to learn.

That is why the Tea Party Patriots Forty-Year Plan calls for more exceptionalism and liberty (choice) in how America’s children are educated.

Chapter 7 of the Tea Party Patriots book discusses the following types of school choice: Teacher-Based Learning (superstar teachers), Vouchers, Scholarship Tax Credit Programs, Public Charter Schools, Homeschooling.

Please share your thoughts on these choices, or offer some new educational choices of your own:

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