Summary of the Problem

Since 1958, the U.S. federal government has radically increased its control over the education of America’s children and, in doing so, has limited the freedom and choice of parents and students. Tea Party Patriots believe in empowering parents and students to choose the best education options for themselves. Since 1965, federal education spending per pupil has more than tripled, while test scores and graduation rates have essentially remained the same. For instance, federal funding for K-12 education soared from $12.5 billion in 1965 to $72.8 billion in 2008, measured in constant 2008 dollars, having little to no impact on test scores or graduation rates. Dumping more money into a broken system isn’t working, and we now know that the recycled refrain of “more funding” isn’t the answer. Thousands of children are locked into a system that is destined to fail them, thereby failing the nation as well. For those of us that believe in the mission of education, fundamental reform of the educational institution is the only way to make progress and succeed in this mission.


Key Points

  • Parents should be able to choose the best education for their children.
  • Wanting to send your children to better schools shouldn’t get you arrested, a reality caused by the current anti-choice, monopolistic system.
  • All teaching methods, teachers, schools, curricula, principals, administrators, and school boards should be measured and the results published.
  • Failing schools should be shut down and failing teachers should be fired.
  • Downsize the educational bureaucracy that funnels money away from students and classrooms.
  • We need more local control of schools and curricula, not less.
  • Education funding should follow children, not bureaucrats.
  • Teachers should have the right to join a union or not, and union contracts that limit choice in education should be dissolved.


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