The initially recommended movie to show is “A More Perfect Union.” A 2 hour dramatization depicting the stirring debates of the Constitutional Convention during the sweltering summer of 1787.

You may choose any other movie to show, but you must be careful to not violate copyright law. Simply owning a DVD of a movie does not give you the right to show it publicly. You must have permission to do so. A More Perfect Union can be shown publicly for educational purposes.

1. Pick a Date:
-Check local calendars to avoid any conflicts that may adversely affect the success of your event.
Choose a night of the week that is common to this type of activity, a normal meeting night or a Friday date night, for example.

2. Logistics:
-Choose a location that is large enough for the expected numbers, but not so large that even good attendance looks like an event failure.

-Many locations will provide the facility for free or at a discounted rate for community events.
-Perhaps the local movie theater would be interested in hosting the event.
-Be sure you have quality projector, screen, and sound system so all attendees will clearly see and hear the movie.
-Some groups have rented a popcorn maker to provide snacks and drinks. This could be a good fund-raiser.

3. Promote:
-Promotion is key. Use existing email lists and announce a various group meetings. Face to face invitations are best.
-Use radio, TV, and Newspaper if they provide it for free or at a discount. Full price on these items will likely break the bank for their effectiveness.
-Social networking and momentum works the best.
-Download a promotional flier and poster for A More Perfect Union to use in your promotional efforts.

4. Purchase:
Purchase A More Perfect Union DVD’s from to view and to sell. (10 or more for $3 each)

5. Admission:
You may want to charge a nominal admission or take donations as a fund-raiser.

6. Recruit:
-Other Tea Party groups have found success in recruiting new members to their group as a result of a movie night. Invite people throughout the community to reach new people that may be interested in joining a Tea Party Patriots group.
-Recruit volunteers for the Adopt a School program.
-Take this opportunity to allow educators to view A More Perfect Union, the movie that is included in the Adopt A School education packet from NCCS.

7. Sell:
-If you purchase A More Perfect Union DVD in bulk at $3 each and have them available at the event, you can sell them to attendees for $10-$15. This is a great fund-raising opportunity.
-Purchase Adopt a School packets from NCCS in bulk at $10 each and sell to the volunteers at $15-$20. Another fund-raising opportunity.