DC Minutemen Signup

We are calling on all Tea Party Patriots living within two hours of Washington, DC, to be Tea Party “Minute Men”.  When the U.S. Supreme Court issues its ruling on Obamacare we need you to join us.

The Supreme Court  could rule  at any moment between now and the end of June.   Tea Party Patriots is organizing a rally and press conference in front of the Supreme Court. Many of you were there with us during the oral arguments and we are going to need your support again!

If you provide us with your phone number we will call you when it’s time to mobilize.  We can’t predict the exact time you’ll get the call.  So to ensure you don’t miss our call please consider providing your cell phone number.

Some things you can do to prepare ahead of time:

  • Go ahead and create your signs. Have them ready now so that when the time comes you can just grab them and go!
  • Personally invite your spouse, your girlfriend/boyfriend, you parents, your kids, your neighbors or anyone else you think wants Obamacare repealed and replaced.  The more Patriots that gather the more forceful our voice will be.
  • Write a letter to your members of Congress to tell them that no matter what the Supreme Court decides, Obamacare must be legislatively repealed in full.  You can deliver it in person.  We’ll be happy to help you find the office after the rally.
  • Have your camera, bullhorn, flags, or any other things you might bring to the rally ready to go so that when the time comes you are ready to roll!

Sign up today! We need you and you won’t want to miss it!