Dawn Wildman

Dawn Wildman

Tea Party Patriots
National Coordinator
State Coordinator – California

I was the owner of Wildman Property Management in San Diego for 5 years. I closed the business when the housing bubble burst in California. I had been involved with politics, working for campaigns in the mid 1990’s and wanted to be involved in the 2008 Presidential election.

I worked for the McCain campaign walking precincts and volunteering at the San Diego Republican Party in mid town San Diego. The defeat in November 2008 was so stunning as to propel me to be even more involved in politics. The new direction for politics was the internet , the Obama campaign taught us that.

I began blogging and helped to start a neighborhood Republican group. I was also doing projects on Top Conservatives On Twitter (TCOT) on the internet. I worked on a project for The Heritage Foundation showed where the money was going in the Stimulus Bill. After “Santelli’s rant” several us at TCOT took on the challenge of doing a tea party in our hometown on February 27,2009. I was one of those first people. The Tea Party in San Diego was very successful with having 500 people attend on a Friday at 9am.

I started a group, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition LLC with two partners, Sarah Bond and Leslie Eastman and we have planned and held over 40 events now since February 27,2009.

I am the California Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots as well as being a national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. I am also the Coordinator for the TPP State Coordinators.

I am married and have one daughter who lives at home while attending college.