California Speakers Bureau

Stuart Dodge
Local Coordinator, NorCal Tea Party Patriots
Auburn, CA




Marc Harris
Local Coordinator, Tea Party of North Orange County
Co-Coordinator, 9-12 West
Lake Tahoe, CA

Marc Harris has been an active member of Tea Party Patriots since March 2008.  He became involved after learning about Agenda 21 and the significant degree to which the UN, Marxists, and other socialist/globalist forces have infiltrated American government.

He sees these forces manifest themselves in the form of diminished personal liberty, the abrogation of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, a collapse of the free-market system, a weakened US economy, and a declining quality of life in America.

“My passion arises from the sobering realization that America’s 235-year heritage of freedom and strength—which countless Americans have fought and died to preserve—now falls upon my generation’s shoulders to save and protect.” he says.

Marc is a researcher/blogger for Andrew Breitbart’s, and a businessman/entrepreneur involved in real estate development, “green-tech” chemicals, metal-surface treatment technology, and exporting wine to China.

He holds a Master’s Degree, Stanford University; Civil/Environmental Engineering & Water Quality Specialist; Securities & Exchange Commission Series 7 License; NYSE Registered Representative. He has three grown children, and enjoys surfing, skiing, fishing, and hiking.


Connie Lanzisera
Local Coordinator, Tea Party of North Orange County
Brea, CA

Connie Lanzisera lives in Orange County, California. She is a co-coordinator of the Tea Party of North Orange County and a member of the North Orange County Conservative Coalition.

Connie became involved with the Tea Party Patriots because “I needed a positive outlet to channel my frustrations and anger over the destruction of the United States.”


Leonard Stone
Local Coordinator, MyLiberty
El Granada, CA

Leonard Stone lives in San Mateo County, California.  He went to his first Tea Party rally on 04/15/2009.

“In September of 2009 I attended a meeting of like-minded individuals at a local restaurant. We began to organize and the leaders self-selected.  We call our organization ‘MyLiberty.’”

Leonard became the director of MyLiberty in October of 2010.  In early 2012, he will “pass the director’s baton” to a fellow coordinator in order to pursue a position on a nonpartisan local advisory council.

He has been married for 36 years to a “wonderful woman.” They have two sons and three grandchildren.