The Tea Party Patriots’ Forty-Year Plan is the first comprehensive forward-looking document from the modern-day Tea Party movement to restore America’s founding principles and greatness. The Plan is discussed at length in the new book Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution by Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin. But the Plan is not yet written, it is not complete…

The Forty-Year Plan will be written by you.  Here.

The Tea Party Patriots’ Forty-Year Plan follows “Five Pathways” developed by Tea Party Patriots like you.  It is not a static plan.  It is not a top-down plan.  It is a grassroots plan.

We won’t be able to repair generations of damage, nor restore America’s founding principles overnight.  This critical work will require your creativity, perseverance and eternal vigilance.

It starts now.  With you.  Join the Second American Revolution, and put your “John Hancock” on our new founding document: Tea Party Patriots’ Forty-Year Plan.

The Five Pathways to Liberty
Each section below is an interactive forum where you can submit ideas, and where a free flow of comments, criticisms and development of those ideas may take place.  The ultimate goal is to allow ideas to develop freely, and allow We the People to vote on them, refine them and improve them.

By September, 2012, we want to have a complete, grassroots-created 40 Year Plan that any member of Tea Party Patriots can present to candidates as a outline of what we expect to see them work toward if elected.

The Economic Pathway to Liberty
The Political Pathway to Liberty
The Educational Pathway to Liberty
The Judicial Pathway to Liberty
The Cultural Pathway to Liberty