Republicans Must Stand for the 2nd

We are launching our campaign to hold Republicans (and a few key Democrats) firm on defending our 2nd Amendment rights. For whatever reason, there are always at least some Republicans whose spines go wobbly, and we cannot allow them to go wobbly on this most fundamental, natural right. Make sure to share it online and through email and text to your network! We need to bombard them with the message to Stand up for the 2nd Amendment!

Use our AlignAct campaign to email, post to social media, sign a petition, and get phone numbers and a call script, to make sure Republicans stand firm on the 2nd Amendment.

The CDC has NO Mandate Authority

On Monday, April 18, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that the CDC exceeded its power by imposing a travel mask mandate. Judge Mizelle wrote in her decision, “Because 'our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in the pursuit of desirable ends,’ the court declares unlawful and vacates the mask mandate."

The Biden administration admitted openly that they are appealing to "preserve that authority for the CDC to have in the future." It's about power for them, not what's right. However, the CDC never had this authority in the first place - and they still don't. Use this campaign to tell the White House and the CDC to back down, because the CDC does not possess the power to mandate masks. Period.

Border Security Now

Use our latest AlignAct campaign to quickly and easily contact five Democrat Senators who have publicly opposed Biden’s plan to end Title 42. Title 42 isn’t enough to secure our border, but without it, illegal crossings will more than double to an estimated 18,000 per day! These Democrats have publicly opposed ending this policy, but when given the chance to vote to keep it, they voted the wrong way. We are tired of their empty words. They must act now and stop trying to trick voters, while at the same time appeasing their radical, left-wing party base.