Next week, May 22-28, the World Health Organization is holding a meeting of its World Health Assembly. They will be voting on amendments (submitted by the Biden administration) to something called the International Health Regulations (IHRs) that will unequivocally decimate our national sovereignty. These regulations are related to the Global Pandemic Treaty you’ve likely heard about, but the treaty won’t be voted on until 2024. The first vote happening is the vote on all of these amendments. In short, these amendments to the IHRs are the back door to imposing the treaty without going through the process required to approve a treaty.

Therefore, this week, we are contacting Congress and asking them to publicly oppose these amendments and to apply whatever pressure they can to ensure their rejection. We will also contact employees and appointees of HHS who are most likely the delegates to the World Health Assembly.

Use our AlignAct campaign to email (and more) all of those people with just a few clicks, and help us Save Our Sovereignty! Be sure to pass the link on to your networks as well!

The unprecedented leak of the Supreme Court’s draft decision on the abortion case that would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade should have united all sides and all parties. While disagreeing on the decision, everyone should have been able to condemn the leak, and most certainly should have condemn calls for doxxing and violence against the Justices who would be voting to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This is not what happened. Biden has yet to denounce the leak itself, or clearly oppose the doxxing and harassment of conservative Justices.

Use our AlignAct campaign to tell Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer that they must condemn the leak and the threats against the Justices, and stand for the integrity of our court and the safety of all Supreme Court Justices.

Last week’s ruling on the travel mask mandate was fantastic. However, the White House is now appealing it, trying to argue that the CDC did have the power to impose it, because they don’t want the decision to set precedent. Let them know it is time to back off and drop their appeal!

Use our AlignAct campaign to quickly and easily contact five Democrat Senators who have publicly opposed Biden’s plan to end Title 42, but who aren’t taking action to protect our border. The time for talk is over. Words are not enough to protect our border. We need action.

Get ready for your local and state primary election

If you need to still go over our primary election preparation to-do list, you can still view it on last week’s call to action.