Submit and send your OSHA vax mandate comment

The deadline to leave a comment opposing the OSHA vax mandate has been extended to January 4, 2022. If you haven’t yet, please submit your comment before Jan. 4th. We have a sample comment below that you can use to help you write yours.

Note: While the courts have temporarily halted the vax mandates, the Biden administration is appealing the decisions and therefore is still putting the pieces in place to implement it, should they win on appeal. This is why we must still leave comments opposing the mandate.

Read the summary of the OSHA rule.

Submit your opposition comment to the OSHA rule.

Sample Comment

Tea Party Patriots Foundation Strongly Opposes Vaccine Mandates

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s rule requiring that employees of companies with 100 or more workers get vaccinated constitutes an unprecedented expansion of the federal government’s authority. Tea Party Patriots Foundation, the nation’s leading grassroots tea party organization, firmly opposes the Biden Administration’s federal vaccine mandate.

The Fifth Circuit in New Orleans has correctly identified one of the biggest problems with OSHA’s rules – that OSHA has granted itself “virtually unlimited power to control individual conduct under the guise of a workplace regulation.”

There is no limiting principle here, and it is a frightening prospect to think about how OSHA could be further misused, now that President Biden has decided to distort the intentions of this federal agency to coerce individual behavior.

The United States of America has long been the world leader in respecting individual rights and needs. One-size-fits-all mandates that trample on individuals’ religious freedom or healthcare needs are anathema to our Constitution and our tradition of respecting the uniqueness of individuals’ circumstances.

The new Omicron variant has called into question the long-term (and even the short-term) efficacy of the vaccines, as more and more breakthrough cases are discovered. As the vaccines’ effectiveness and safety continue to be debated, the government’s rationale for the mandate is called into question.

The consequences of OSHA’s rules, if they go into effect next month, will be grave. The U.S. supply chain problems will only grow worse if these rules go into effect in January, the workforce will shrink, and inflation will be an even worse problem, as costs for basic goods will continue to rise.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted so many losses – both from the virus itself and from the wrongheaded lockdowns imposed by both the federal and state governments. It would be an egregious error for the federal government to inflict more suffering on Americans by forcing so many of them out of the workforce.

Also, please email (or use the online submission form) your Representative a copy of the comment. Let him or her know that you oppose the vax mandate and why. You can also call, but for this, please submit your comment to your Rep. in writing.

Find the online email/submission form for your Rep. Once you click through, you will be asked to enter your zip code to find your Rep. Then click on the link under their picture on the left side of the page, and that will take you to their website. Look for “contact” or “email” or similar to find the online form.

Call both of your Senators with 2 messages

America cannot afford for the Reconciliation (a.k.a. “Build Back Socialist”) to pass the Senate. Our country can’t afford it financially and we can’t afford it in terms of our freedom and future.

We also cannot allow the vax mandates to be funded. There is another vote in the Senate this week to defund it. Sen. Manchin has said he will vote for this one, and while that is great news, it is tempered by the fact that he knows that even if this got through the House, Biden would veto it. However, the fact that Sen. Manchin is voting for it means we can say that defunding the mandate is now bipartisan. So, let’s encourage the vote to happen, and to get as many votes for it as we can to help us in our messaging battle.

So, there are two messages to give your Senators when you call. The nice thing is you can give them both at one time – you don’t have to call two separate times.

  1. Tell them vote NO on what the Democrats call “Build Back Better,” but we know is actually “Build Back
  2. Tell them to vote YES to defund the vaccine mandate.