The most important thing to do this week is to STOP the “Build Back Socialist” bill, a.k.a. reconciliation. We actually have a chance at stopping this bill, so please complete the actions below and share with as many people as possible!

National: We MUST stop the “Build Back Socialist” bill!

The key to beating this socialist nightmare of a bill is to focus on how it will make inflation worse, and therefore the pain and suffering will increase for more Americans.

From what we are hearing, Sen. Joe Manchin is actually very concerned about and sensitive to the inflation issue. Furthermore, the polling on Americans’ reaction to the out-of-control inflation is not good for any Democrats.

We can use this point to push worried Democrats, especially Sen. Manchin, to stand firmly against the “Build Back Socialist” bill, a.k.a. Reconciliation.

Your assignment this week is to call both of your Senators about this awful bill. See below for recommended reading and a sample script to use when you call.

Note, for all of you who are represented by Democrats and who feel like calling them never makes a difference, this time you absolutely can make a difference. Democrats are secretly worried about inflation. Help us to make sure they are so worried about it that we are able to kill this nightmare of a bill.

Finally, be sure to share this call to action with everyone you know who loves America!

Recommended Reading

You may want to read the following article and excerpt before you make your phone calls.

For something we’re told is “transitory,” inflation sure is persistent. The latest evidence arrived with a jolt Wednesday when the Labor Department reported that consumer prices jumped 0.9% in October, or 6.2% from a year ago and the fifth straight month higher than 5%.

That’s also the fastest rate since 1990, despite reassurances since March from the White House, Federal Reserve and Keynesian economists that inflation would soon vanish. It follows Tuesday’s report that wholesale prices rose 0.6% in October, or 8.6% from a year earlier. Producer prices flow into consumer prices, assuming businesses believe they have enough market power.

That’s not all the bad news. In a separate report Wednesday, the Labor Department said average hourly earnings after inflation fell 0.5% in the month. Real wages are down 2.2% since January. American purchasing power has declined, and the average standard of living has fallen, despite unheard of levels of government spending.

Or we should say because of that spending. It’s important to understand that the current burst of inflation isn’t an accident, like getting hit by a reckless driver. This is the result of reckless policy.

Congress and the White House flooded the economy with $1.9 trillion in new spending in March, after about $4 trillion in Covid relief in 2020. The goal was to goose economic demand, though the economy was recovering smartly by summer 2020. That needless demand stimulus has coincided with Biden policies that squeeze the supply of goods and services. This is the cause of the famous supply-demand mismatch. 

The Biden tax and regulatory agenda is already reducing the supply of goods, notably in energy. Gasoline and natural gas prices have climbed amid higher global demand but dampened U.S. production. President Biden and his aides are trying to put U.S. drillers out of business while begging the OPEC+ cartel to produce more oil. 

The Administration wants to stop all drilling on federal land and it is studying whether to kill the Line 5 pipeline from Canada to the Midwest amid soaring prices for propane and other petroleum liquids. It is pressing financial regulations to deny capital for fossil fuels.

The key messages are: The Reconciliation bill will make inflation worse. Inflation kills savings, is a stealth tax, and hurts those who can least afford it. Americans are in pain.

Sample Script

Hello, my name is [First, Last], and I’m calling from [City, State] about the Reconciliation bill. Inflation in America is already too high. Families like mine are suffering. Food, gas, necessities are all too expensive and it is causing your constituents real pain. The cause of inflation is too much spending. The Reconciliation bill will only make things worse. You cannot pass this bill. You must vote no. The Biden administration’s policies are killing us – please hear me. Reconciliation will destroy American families. Inflation kills savings, is a stealth tax, and hurts those who can least afford it. Please vote no. Thank you.


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