We are in a final push to recruit organizers for Just Say No sign waving protests next week, and putting pressure on Congress to oppose all vaccine mandates.

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There must be public pushback against these unAmerican medical mandates. One reason is that there are people out there who oppose them, but who believe they are alone. They need to see that there are many other Americans who agree with them! When they see they aren’t alone, they will feel more confident to step up and join the fight.

Even if your event consists of three people at a busy intersection, you are making a huge difference.

We have so many resources to help you do this, so there is no excuse not to! Also, if you can’t hold an event on Wednesday, September 22nd, feel free to hold it on a day that works for you!

Call Congress to oppose vaccine mandates

Whether you are vaccinated or not, please call your Representative and both of your Senators and tell them to oppose all vaccine mandates. This includes the government’s attempt to use private companies to force vaccines on employees or customers. Outright mandates from the government, or using private companies to implement public policy are both wrong.

We are also hearing from allies in Congress that it is very important for the Democrats to hear from constituents as well. If they believe there will be no outcry from this, they will push for more limits on your liberty.

Ongoing legislation watch

 1932: “No Vaccine Passport Act” in the Senate. VOTE YES

H.R. 4: “Pelosi Power Grab Act” now in the Senate. VOTE NO


September is National Voter Registration Month and National Voter Registration Day is September 28th. The links will take you to websites with resources like how to register people to vote, state laws, and more.

If you didn’t contact the medical boards and associations to reprimand them for threatening doctors who prescribe medicines like Ivermectin, please do so this week! Use our guide to help you know who to contact and what to say when you email or call. These doctors are risking their careers for us, the least we can do is send an email or make a call on their behalf!

Keep attending the monthly meetings of your local school board! You can use our school board how-to guide again before you attend, and if you haven’t yet watched, you can view the two training webinars we recorded on attending school board meetings. You can find the first one here, and the second one here.