While we are fighting one issue, another one pops up. This week, we need to get a jump on fighting amnesty.

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Tell Your Senators No Amnesty!

Well, they’re at it again – Democrats and some Republicans are beginning to work together in secret to pass amnesty. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said some Republicans will vote for amnesty incrementally. Read what he said here.

Call your Senators and tell them you don’t want amnesty for illegal immigrants. Tell them you don’t want it in a comprehensive bill or incremental bills that break it up. You want them to vote NO!

Police Week

Our friends at Police Week Michigan shared this information and suggested action items with us; see below for details and ideas!

This year, Police Week is May 9 - 15, 2021. You know, the season when we all take time in America to celebrate the men and women in uniform?

(Don’t worry. A lot of citizens are new to this topic but President John F. Kennedy started it in 1962. Now is our time to grow it!)

Are you ready to do something with your fellow community members to recognize and acknowledge our heroes?


  • Ask your local leadership to Pass a Resolution (sample language here; note the yellow highlights. You may want to tweak the resolution to reflect the most recent stats.)
  • Print out fliers and post in local friendly spaces.
  • Encourage businesses to offer a “Police Officer” special (discount, free coffee, etc) during Police Week
  • Have a gathering in the public square, or along the highways of your town with “We love Police” signs
  • Find ways to involve people in your community. See ideas here.
  • Now, more than EVER, the men and women in Law Enforcement need to hear, see, and feel our support.

Please share this with others. Help us to do all that we can to show our heroes how DEEPLY appreciative we are of their service and sacrifice.


If you watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington this weekend and received the how-to guide, you’ll see the homework page – make sure to do it this week! And, if you didn’t watch the movie, or don’t have the guide, you can still help protect the filibuster by doing the following:

  • When you call your Senators about amnesty, also mention that they must not get rid of the filibuster.
  • You can post about it on social media, urging others to call the Senate as well.

Share on Social Media

  1. Democrats are Cheaters – op-ed by Cleta Mitchell
  2. Easier to Vote, Harder to Cheat – facts about the new Georgia election integrity law.
  3. Free Enterprise Project’s Investor Value Voter Guide – if you are a shareholder in certain companies and you aren’t voting on shareholder proposals, you’re letting the left control the companies! This is one of the left’s strongest points of pressure on companies, and why so many companies have become left-wing.
  4. Stop Corporate Tyranny – a coalition website to help fight against “woke” corporations.

Ongoing Action Items

  1. Sign up for the Election Integrity working group.
  2. Sign up for the Immigration working group.
  3. The House press gallery is trying to block The Epoch Times from renewing their press pass. Please sign our petition calling on the press gallery to reinstate their press pass!
  4. Sign onto the letter opposing earmarks. Then, ask others to do the same on social media or via email.