Now that we know that the Democrats in Congress are introducing legislation to increase the size of the Supreme Court from 9 Justices to 13, it is more important than ever to protect the filibuster.

The filibuster is everything. As a result, it is imperative that you help us educate people about it and help them take action.

Because the filibuster seems arcane and boring-sounding, the best way to show people the importance of the filibuster, is to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and use the how-to guide we’ve created to take action.

This is the only action item this week! Sign up, watch the movie, and complete the action items in the how-to guide!

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Sign up to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with friends and neighbors, or on your own/with members of your household (if you can’t have guests over) any time between April 22 – April 25. After the movie, there will be a discussion, action items, and then homework for later.

While the filibuster may seem arcane and unimportant, it is all that stands in the way of the most radical, extremist, communist bills passing – which Joe Biden will sign – and the corruption of the Supreme Court, so that SCOTUS would uphold all challenges to these laws. And, of course, the Democrats are also introducing a bill for statehood for D.C., which would be challenged in court because it is blatantly unconstitutional. But if SCOTUS is increased to 13 Justices, all of whom would be the most radical justices we’ve ever seen, SCOTUS will rule in favor of statehood, and that’s two more hardcore, left-wing Senators in the Senate.

Note: if you can’t watch the movie between the dates listed above, feel free to schedule it for a date that works for you, or if you can’t hold it at your house, but you know someone who could, please go ahead and ask them to host! Just be sure to sign up today, so we know how many people will be watching and completing the action items.

Once you sign up, you will receive your host how-to guide with all of the information you’ll need, a detailed host checklist, and print outs for your guests.

One more note: if you live in a blue state with Democrat Senators, it still matters to educate voters and call your Senators! We need to show all of them that even their constituents oppose getting rid of the filibuster.