For the next two weeks, the Senate is in recess. We can use this time to call their local offices, educate our fellow citizens about how bad the Corrupt Politicians Act (HR 1/S 1) is, and work on other items.

The Senate held its hearing on the Corrupt Politicians Act last week, and from our friends at Heritage Action for America, here’s what’s coming next:

The Rules Committee is likely to mark the bill up the week of April 18.  The vote out of Committee will almost certainly be straight party-line.  After that, the bill would head to the Senate floor, but only if Senator Manchin supports the bill and also supports ending the filibuster to pass it.  Today he indicated that he supports some provisions in the bill, but that a bill dealing with elections should be bipartisan.

Note that April 5-9, the left is going to hold a week of action to push for the Corrupt Politicians Act, and we are thinking of holding a week of action to fight against it. Stay tuned for more information on that.

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Share these Items – Corrupt Politicians Act

Share the following items on social media and/or via email. We need to educate people on the dangers of the Corrupt Politicians Act.

Share this Freeroots campaign after you use it to take action. – Freeroots is an online activism portal that makes it super easy to act! You basically click a couple of times and boom, activism done.

Share the video testimony of West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner at the Senate hearing on the Corrupt Politicians Act.

Share these articles by Ken Blackwell:

Share this cartoon from Americans for Limited Government.

Call Your Senators’ Local Offices

Your Senators are on recess this week, so call their local office, while they are home. There are three messages you need to give when you call. There are multiple local offices, so just pick one to call, or call all of them if you have the time, and feel free to just simply read the three messages straight off of this email. Note: To find your senator’s local office contact information, visit the official Senate contact page, find your senator and click “Contact” below their photo. This will send you to the official website of the Senator. Their site should have a menu item (Contact, Locations, etc.) that will have a list of their different local offices.

Message #1

Tell them to vote no on the Corrupt Politicians Act (bill number S. 1).

Message #2

Tell them to keep the filibuster and to oppose any attempts to get rid of it or change it.

Message #3

Tell them to oppose all attempts at amnesty for illegal immigrants, to finish the wall, and to demand the Biden administration resume President Trump’s immigration policies.

  • You can also use this Freeroots campaign to tell the Senate to stop amnesty and secure the border, with just a couple of quick clicks! Be sure to share it when you’re done!

‘Support The Epoch Times’ Petition

Please sign our petition to support The Epoch Times. The House press gallery is trying to block The Epoch Times by not renewing their press credentials.

Sign the Letter Opposing Earmarks  

We’ve written a letter to Congress condemning the practice of earmarks, and asking each of them to sign our No Earmark Pledge. If you’d like to send a letter to your Representative asking them to sign the pledge, simply go to our website and sign onto the letter. Then, ask others to do the same on social media or via email.