TPPA Reacts to Stimulus Negotiations, Opposes Blue State Bailout

Tea Party Patriots Action

In response to news reports of progress in stimulus negotiations, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today.

“Congress should not be bailing out state and local governments.  Their long-term fiscal difficulties have nothing to do with COVID-19. They have everything to do with state and local governments – overwhelmingly run by Democrats – making poor fiscal decisions: bloated spending, spending on left-wing projects, overspending on public employee union demands, and chasing out taxpayers with their high tax rates. Bailing them out now— dunning the taxpayers of states that have properly managed their finances to pay the debts incurred by states that have not — would be the very definition of punishing good government and rewarding bad government. The economy is already roaring back, thanks to President Trump’s leadership. A Blue State bailout is a solution in search of a problem.”