TPP Action Launches Petition Urging Temporary 20% Pay Cut for All Federal Workers


Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today after TPP Action launched a petition to President Trump urging his support for a 20 percent pay cut for all federal workers until every state reopens its economy. To read the petition, click here.

“It’s time for the DC politicians and bureaucrats to put their own skin in the game. If they insist on keeping most of America closed and crippling our economy, they should be willing to make sacrifices, too. There should be no special privileges for Washington in a national emergency. TPP Action is launching a petition demanding a 20 percent pay cut for all federal employees, including Members of Congress. With 20 million Americans having lost their jobs in April, that amounts to a one percent pay cut for every million Americans who lost their jobs.  With Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats unveiling another trillion-dollar spending bill this week, our petition sends a clear message to the political class: You cannot spend your way out of this mess you caused, and you can no longer avoid making sacrifices, either. Open up America, or pay the price.”