The Mueller Hearing was a Waste of Time—For Everyone


Today, Former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller sat in front of Congress for the first time since concluding his much-aggrandized report. In our blog last week, we talked about how the Democrats would make a huge mess of things; however, no one could have predicted exactly how bad this would look for the Democrats. Not only is Mueller unwilling to answer a majority of their questions, he appears tired, frail even. This poor gentleman is being flaunted around the Democrats’ three-ring circus and he looks like he just doesn’t have the patience for it.

The New York Post reports:

Mueller made it clear long in advance that he didn’t want to testify, and wouldn’t talk about anything except what was in his report. He even got the Justice Department to issue a guidance instructing him to keep to his preferred limits.

That left committee Democrats using their time to read bits of the report, then ask the witness, That’s in the report, right?

Mueller would then say Yes or Let me check or Can you repeat the question?

Though he is a hugely accomplished public servant, he was a spectacularly unimpressive witness, often coming off as unfamiliar with his own report or otherwise confused.

Republicans in turn launched various attacks on the investigation, which Mueller dodged as “not my purview.” How this whole Russia investigation started isn’t the business of the Russia investigator? That’s hard to believe.

What did we learn? Nothing. What’s the impact? Nothing. If Nadler was hoping to get Democrats and their voters energized about impeachment, he’ll surely be disappointed. And we’re no closer to knowing how much this long investigation relied on opposition research by Hillary Clinton and dirty tricks by intelligence operatives appalled by Donald Trump.

It is clear the Democrats are using these hearings as campaign fodder to bolster their fundraising off the backs of Americans filled with hatred for President Trump. In spite of their grieving, we stand with our president: Donald Trump.