Tea Party Patriots Action Sends Open Records Request About Georgia Recount to Secretary of State


Atlanta, GA – On Tuesday, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) sent an open records request about the Georgia recount to the Georgia Secretary of State. Among other things, TPPA is requesting, “Any and all directives, communications, instructions, and/or training materials provided to the county election officials at any time related to the ‘audit…recount…and…recanvass all at once’ involving the 2020 Presidential election in Georgia (‘the Hand Count’) announced by your office on Wednesday, November 10, 2020.” To read the open records request, please click here

TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today:

“I have been on the ground for the Georgia recount since the first days, and I can tell you, without question, the Secretary of State’s office is not being cooperative in terms of conducting an audit that is fair and legitimate. With that in mind, we are using every legal tool available to us as a Georgia-based organization to maximize transparency and accountability. We owe it to all Georgians – and to all Americans, who are following this situation closely – to get this process done right.”