Stand Up for America


Today is a day for Americans to celebrate our nation’s independence and show we are proud to be Americans. Unfortunately, some Americans would rather disrespect our Founding Fathers and our flag, and make a spectacle than celebrate 243 years of independence.

Today, President Trump is set to hold festivities at the Lincoln Memorial to celebrate our nation’s independence. He announced a parade, musical performances, and fireworks. Conveniently, the Left used this event as an excuse to protest and boycott festivities out of spite against the president. Some have even come out to say, “We’re having a ‘Trump is a big baby’ festival” and plan to fly a “Baby Trump” balloon. Can you think of anything more “American” on the Fourth of July than that?

The Left is exploiting a crucial moment in American history to make a political point and to show their hostility towards the president.

Meanwhile in Charlottesville, Va., our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson will no longer have a birthday celebration. City officials decided Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13, will no longer be a holiday in his hometown. After all he accomplished, this is the treatment he gets.

Fox News reports:

City officials voted to scrap the holiday in honor of the slave-owning third president of the United States and instead adopted Liberation and Freedom Day, to be celebrated each March 3. The holiday commemorates the day U.S. Army forces arrived in Virginia in 1865, near the end of the Civil War, the Washington Times reported.

The vote to end the Jefferson holiday is just the latest of several setbacks for the Founding Father’s legacy in recent months.

In March, some students at Hofstra University near New York City called for the removal of a Jefferson statue from the campus, claiming Jefferson represents racism and slavery.

Let’s not forget the stunt Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick pulled when he bullied Nike into recalling their Betsy Ross flag shoes right before Independence Day. Kaepernick, the same football player who disrespected the National Anthem, is now going after the American flag created by Betsy Ross because its “ties to America’s era of slavery” is offensive.

As a nation, we can do better! So, let’s make Independence Day great again! Let’s wave our flags, sing our National Anthem and show our pride for America. Let’s show the Left we are proud to be Americans and everything our Founding Fathers stood for!