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Good energy policy never goes out of style

Jan 23, 2013

Remember the Keystone Pipeline? Nebraska’s governor has now officially approved the revised pipeline’s presence in his state. This now puts a great deal of pressure on President Obama to finally approve the full pipeline. In case we’ve forgotten the details,…

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Unleash America’s energy resources

Jan 5, 2013


On Monday, CNN reported that 2012 had the highest gas prices on record. While energy demand is down for a variety of factors, this still means those who travel by car are being punished for Washington’s unwillingness to unleash the true…

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Keystone Pipeline showdown moves forward

Jul 3, 2011

By a vote of 33-11, The North American-Made Energy Security Act was approved by the House Committee on Natural Resources last week. Chaired by Representative Doc Hastings, it now travels to the House Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as the…

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