As a grassroots organization, we strive to change our nation for the better by empowering citizens everywhere to make a difference – starting right there, in their own community.

  • Tax Day Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio!

    On April 15, Americans scrambled to file their tax returns and send too much money to Washington, D.C. Just after the post offices closed, more than 300 patriots attended the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day event. It was hosted Sharonville Convention Center in northern Hamilton County, not far from the I.R.S. office which was initially […]
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  • Liberty is on the Rise! YAL Activist Training in the Buckeye and Lone Star States

    The Young Americans for Liberty state conventions continued, which Tea Party Patriots are proud to sponsor. This time, approximately 100 students, along with a few older activists, traveled across the Buckeye state and gathered at the University of Cincinnati on April 11 to learn how liberty activists can successfully promote their message of liberty government. […]
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  • Happy Tax Day?

    In honor of Tax Day, the Washington Examiner has published a great piece with some numerical facts about the U.S. tax system. Here are just a few: 6.1 billion Nationwide, the number of hours spent filing individual and business income taxes, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service $987 billion Upper estimate on the annual accounting […]
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  • Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) & Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Tax Day Tele Townhall With Tea Party Patriots – April 15, 2015

    (Photo Credits: Public Domain, Wikipedia (1 and 2) On April 15, Tea Party Patriots was honored to have two tax-fighting conservatives on our Tax Day Tele Townhall: Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH). Except for President Obama, no one looks forward to Tax Day. Shamefully, the tax code has grown into a […]
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  • New IRS emails: Lerner knew what she was doing, and so did John McCain, apparently

    New emails obtained by Judicial Watch shine even more light on the depth of the IRS targeting scandal. As much as the left would like for America to be convinced the scandal is over, it is far from it. Among the new revelations is a February 2012 email in which Lois Lerner, then head of […]
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  • Statement of Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, on Marco Rubio’s announced candidacy

    “As we mark the Sixth Anniversary of our original Tax Day rallies, it’s gratifying to see yet another candidate who shares tea party values enter the 2016 presidential race.  We have come a long way, in six years, when three tea party senators are major players in the presidential race. “Sen. Rubio’s personal story inspires, […]
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  • Legislative Update for 04/12/15

    Listen to the podcast here: CALENDAR: The House and Senate return tomorrow from their two-week Easter Recess. There will be no votes in the House before 6:30 PM, and the Majority Leader expects no votes after 3 PM Thursday. The Senate, on the other hand, will be in all week, with no votes in the Senate […]
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  • A new surge in border crossings is coming

    Brown border fence along road
    Officials along the U.S.-Mexico border are bracing [1] for another surge of illegal minor crossings, according to news reports. Though the peak may be lower than what we saw in 2014, analysts still project 40,000 crossings by unaccompanied children – a rate that will still put 2015 in the record books. While the surge will […]
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  • Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin in The Hill

    Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin has a new op-ed at The Hill about Speaker John Boehner’s petty attacks on conservatives in his own conference, and what it has to do with his stewardship of our tax dollars. Writes Martin: In the aftermath of the failed attempt to displace him in January, Boehner moved […]
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  • Must Read from Sen. Mike Lee: Our Lost Constitution

    From his first day in the Senate, Mike Lee has been one of the staunchest conservatives and defenders of the Constitution. Whether it’s personal liberty, economic freedom, taxes, or a debt-free future, Senator Lee has time and time again stood strong on conservative principles. Today, we are so pleased to be able to support him […]
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  • Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Rand Paul’s Announced Candidacy

    It’s exciting to see another energetic, visionary conservative enter the contest for the 2016 nomination. Sen. Paul has been in the forefront of the liberty movement, and he will do a lot to shape the debate as the GOP field expands. Rand Paul knows that the paths to prosperity and individual liberty are one and […]
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  • Rallying Patriots in Utah!

    Jenny Beth Martin at one of many meetings with Utah tea party leaders   There is perhaps no bigger champion of liberty than Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah. He is a tireless critic of Obamacare and an extraordinary champion of Constitutional principles in the United States Senate. That’s why Jenny Beth Martin and Tea […]
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  • Major First Amendment Victory in Georgia!

    You did it! Thanks to your efforts, the freedom of speech has been successfully defended in Georgia! In the dark of night, Georgia’s big-spending Republican establishment brazenly schemed to trample on the First Amendment and silence conservative organizations. In the Peach State, “bipartisanship” apparently means both parties team up to intimate grassroots activists, just like […]
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  • At DHS, swallow the amnesty pill, or else…

    President Obama looking down and background of image has tower at Guantanamo
    A new investigation is underway [1] into allegations of workplace retaliation at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). A group of eight Republican Senators, led by Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley, say they’re aware of retaliation against DHS personnel who are “faithfully discharging the duties of the offices in which they serve.” In other words: […]
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  • Liberty is on the Rise in the Keystone & Wolverine States

    Last Saturday, March 28, Tea Party Patriots continued sponsoring the most recent Young Americans for Liberty convention at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This two part, all-day event was a conference with free-market speakers and a training session for young patriots eager to become more effective in spreading the message of liberty. They […]
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  • Hillary’s email server “wiped clean”

    Hillary Clinton pointing and looking angry.
    Before turning anything over to Congressional investigators, Hillary Clinton wiped her email server clean, forever deleting emails that she sent during her tenure as Secretary of State. And just like that, the Hillary email scandal reached a whole new level. Or did it? Shockingly, Hillary has plenty of defenders in the Washington, D.C. bubble. But […]
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  • Legislative Update for 03/29/15

    Listen to the legislative update podcast here: CALENDAR: The House and Senate are both out of session for the next two weeks. LAST WEEK’S HOUSE FLOOR ACTION: As happens every now and then, I need to begin this week’s update with a correction to something I said last week. Last week, when I was discussing House […]
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  • One step closer to repealing Obamacare

    Obamacare under a Hospital sign
    This week, the GOP-controlled Congress took one step closer to repealing Obamacare for good. So in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, we’re cautiously applauding our lawmakers today. According to news reports, [1], the Senate managed to pass a budget that sets the stage for cutting $4.3 trillion in benefit programs over […]
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  • WH on DHS favoritism: nothing to see here!

    White House in black and white against dark sky
    Suppose a top official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showed special treatment toward requests from Democratic officials. And suppose that special treatment involved help with tricky immigration matters for the well-connected friends of these Democratic officials. Suppose all this happened and it violated a number of ethics rules. You’d expect the White House […]
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  • Montana Tea Party Groups Convene in Helena

    montana mountains
    Tea party groups from across Big Sky Country gathered in the state’s capitol city last weekend to talk about strategy and upcoming opportunities for the movement. And with newly minted GOP majorities in both chambers of the legislature, Montana conservatives see abounding opportunities. Close to a dozen different tea party groups from across the (huge) […]
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  • A Look Inside Our Weekly Leadership Call

    American Flag
    This past Sunday we were joined by Congressmen Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC) to discuss the current budget proposal moving through the House of Representatives. We wanted to give you access to this otherwise exclusive call. Listen to the recording below. If you are a Local Tea Party Coordinator or Leader and you […]
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  • Tens of thousands of convicted illegals were released onto the streets last year

    Ford SUV, Border Control
    The Department of Homeland Security (emphasis on the worlds “homeland” and “security”) is having a hard time living up to its name. According to new documents obtained by Judicial Watch, [1] DHS released roughly 166,000 criminal illegal immigrants into the U.S. as of April 2014. These criminals include, but are not limited to, rapists, murders […]
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  • ObamaCare’s Fifth Birthday Makes Us Sick

    Blue screen of lifeline ending with Obamacare symbol
    Five years ago today, without a single Republican vote, Congress rammed the unconstitutional Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. We know it as “Obamacare.” As former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) one famously said, “[W]e have to pass [Obamacare], so that you can find out what is in it.” Five years later, we now […]
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  • Tea Party Patriots Weekly Legislative Update for 03/22/15

    Constitution We the People text
    Listen to the podcast here: CALENDAR: The House returns tomorrow, with first votes expected no earlier than 6:30 PM, and will be in session through Thursday, with the last votes expected no later than 3 PM. The Senate will return to work tomorrow, with the first vote taking place at 5:30 PM. They will be […]
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