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Westwood Tea Party Patriots~ It's time to plant a Conservative flag in West Los Angeles! The Westwood Tea Party Patriots have led the way in multiple street rallies and hosting Tea Parties. Our first event was the No on Prop 1A Tea Party, held at the L.A. Federal Building on May 17, 2009. From there we paid a visit to Henry Waxman's office to protest Cap and Trade legislation. Next, we hosted the showing of the documentary "In The Face of Evil-Reagan's War in Word and Deed". Our next venture was paying a visit to Diane Feinstein's west L.A. activity we've repeated three times since. In between visits to Feinstein's office, we counter protested Henry Waxman's Climate Change Forum held on the UCLA campus, hosted the Recess Rally and played an integral role in the 912 West Tea Party (both at the Federal Building).

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