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The 9/12 Project is designed to capture the unity that we all had on September 12, 2001; United as Americans regardless of political ideology. September 12th also brought forward a realization of life, family, liberty and the role of our government. Our individual lives, families and their liberty can not be maintained unless we hold our Government to the Constitution. Government's incremental encroachment into our daily lives, out of control spending coupled with increasing debt are placing burdens on us and future generations. The empowerment, by our Government, of special interest, especially in the name of "Political Correctness and Tolerance", and its ability to filter into everything from our Schools to the news media, has created a boiling point where people are saying ENOUGH! The once silent citizens, overwhelmed with everyday life, is silent no more, nor alone. Let's join together, in a unified voice, to show our Government that they are our Public Servants. They work for us. Unfortunately the complicity by the Press with the Government will make this task difficult, but definitely not impossible one. It has been done before. Having an understanding of the Principles that our Founders used to create the Constitution and this Great Republic is a starting point. Advancing the Principles used along with the issues of today, puts history on our side. With the support of other like minded people, one voice becomes many. Just like one group here in the West End can provide support with other like-minded groups in Pennsylvania and so on.

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