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We were founded in August/September of 2011 by a small group from the Wooster 9.12 Project who wanted a group that was more engaged and active in the community. We are now a 501(c)3 corporation. The following is from our web site: Values Limited Constitutional government Sound fiscal policies at all levels of government Free-market economics Vision A return to the limited government provided by our Founders; a government that protects the rights of all individuals and states resulting in limited spending and sound fiscal policies that encourage free-market activities so that our economy can flourish. Mission To restore our State and Republic to limited government under the rule of law as provided in the Constitutions of the State of Ohio and United States. We are also here to restore each level of government to smaller scope, increased fiscal responsibility, and support of free enterprise. Goals Strive to establish better governance at every level. Attract like-minded citizens so that our ability to influence will be increased. Hold all elected office holders accountable for their actions through communication and open dialog with them. Demand elimination of government waste and inefficiency. Encourage and support candidates for office who share our values. Inform the voting public of the beliefs and records of candidates for office in order to elect more conservative candidates who share our values. Proactively encourage like-minded voters to participate in elections.

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