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Shortly after Barack Obama took office in January 2009, America experienced an awakening that had not been seen since September,11 2001. The Tea Party is NOT a fringe movement of fundamentalist right wing supporters. It is at the core of America's roots. It is Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and those with no previous political affiliation alike! The federal government is out of control. It is spending and legislating the country toward bankruptcy and a socialist state, and we the people are tired of it. Waukesha Defenders of Liberty is for anyone who is committed to seeing our country restore the federal government back to the way it was intended. WDL BELIEFS: 1) We believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT, and do not endorse or support any one political party or candidate. 2) We believe in EDUCATING THE PEOPLE to understand how our liberties and freedoms are threatened in clear, plain language. 3) We believe in ENCOURAGING PEOPLE to express their views appropriately through writing, calling, e-mailing, meeting together, and talking with others, as provided for in the Constitution.

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