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There has never been a greater need for us to unite against tyranny than right now. The current administration is doing everything they can to take away our freedoms and our liberties that are God given. If we let this continue there is no one to blame but ourselves and we will deserve all that we get. The health care bill they are trying to push down our throats will raise our taxes, cause shortages and change the greatest health care system in the world. Why would anyone want to do that? To have complete control over each and every one of us. To be able to dictate what we do and when we do it. Is this the vision you have for your children and your grandchildren? They are facing a devastating future unless each one of us takes a stand now and demand that Washington, D.C. be accountable for their actions and stop treading on the Constitution. Now they want to try and shut down the coal industry as we know it. Coal can be mined properly and is a vital resource to all fifty states. Those states whose biggest export is coal will see their livelihoods, homes and futures disappear. The Cap and Trade legislation will raise everyones electric bills almost $1,300 a year. I dont know about you but that will cause problems in my household. Perhaps those in D.C. do not care if they have lights and heat in their homes. Or is it they will not follow what they will make all of us do? Who are they to live differently and much better than we do? The current hate crimes legislation will stifle free speech as we know it. Conservative radio and television will have to change their formats or be fined and possibly shut down. This is one of the greatest injustices toward the Constitution to date. I want the youth of this nation to have a future and not just read about how free and independent America WAS! I want them to have the same opportunities I have had and be able to live free and live the American dream. I think upcoming elections will and have shown Washington just how tired everyone is of the corruption and self-centered actions on the part of Republicans and Democrats. Dont take my word for it. Go read the bills and get informed. Find out what the candidates stand for. Listen to both sides and make an informed decision on what is best for you. Contact Tea Party organizers and get involved in your communities. Take a stand and lets take this great nation back to ?We the People.? Washington is supposed to work for us and not the other way around. They are not doing us a favor. They are there to work for what is best for the people of this country and they need to understand that they can (and will be) voted out.

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