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The group has begun work to develop goals for the coming months. Fiscal responsibility, limited government in line with our Constitution, along with free markets make up the core of our mission to help restore this great country's bright beacon of light for humanity. That our Founders were able to create such a unique form of governance never before attempted in history is a miracle. We've been blessed to live and raise families in a Republic that was intended to remove all impediments to our God-given right to pursue happiness and prosperity in an atmosphere of freedom. So far, enjoyed by no other country in the world. While some may say that it will take a miracle to save the United States from the follies of those who would take us down a road which leads away from the principles of liberty, we in the TEA movement believe there resides a miracle in each and every patriot who is willing to step forward with the Banner of Liberty and speak up if they see it falter.

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