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This group is for any patriotic citizens that reside in or around the Springfield Massachusetts area. While working as a team, we will figure out what the best strategies are for bringing the people together to protest. Reasons for protesting will vary, but will focus on current and upcoming issues and will include "anything and everything" that may pose a threat to our liberty, our rights, and our freedom as a whole. The Constitution cannot defend itself, therefore, "We the People" must defend it. Are you Ready to take action and demand that our voices be heard?? Take advantage of the rights that we have...while we still have them. You DO have a say, and we WILL be heard.------------------------------------- *Please visit our website for the "We the People Foundation" which will redirect you to the "Continental Congress 2009" project. Help inform people about this upcoming historical event, and please make sure to do your part by exercising your right to vote.

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