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The Southern Tier Tea Party We are concerned citizens, who know that our great country is headed in the wrong direction. Please do join our cause to stop the Progessives from taking our rights, and liberties away. We are a group of Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Libertarians, and many other Americans who want Our Country Back. Our organization was formed in May 2010. We are growing at a tremedous pace due to individuals concern for America. As of today, August 1, 2010, we have 251 participating individuals in our organization. Our mission is to organize, educate, and inform our fellow citizens for the purpose of securing public policy consistent with our core values. We will unify and we will exercise through all legal means available, our power to effect the election of local, state, and federal candidates who espouse our core values. Principals and Core Beliefs of The Southern Tier Tea Party as an organization believes in The Constitution of the United States, Free Markets, Limited Government, and Fiscal Responsibility. We recognize and support the strength of grassroots organizations powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level. The Southern Tier Tea Party is a non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by shared core values derived from the Declaration Of Independence, the Bill Of Rights, the Federalists Papers and The Constitution of The United States of America. The mid-term elections represent the Tea Party movement's first chance to recycle government. If we can help elect candidates that will represent our core values in federal and state, and local government, we can begin to: **Repeal legislation forced on us by a corrupt Congress **Reduce the size and scope of government **Restore the founding principles of The Constitution We must leave no stone unturned to achieve this goal. We can, and must, win this critical fight! Contact Info: Email: Website: Southern Tier Tea Party PO Box 95 Vestal, NY 13851

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